february 2018

Beetlefelt workshop

Hi Everyone, I am glad to be back on track and in the studio again, it's all fresh and relatively clear of clutter for a fresh start for 2018.

I have lately been distracted by the beauty of nature and a yearning to live much more simply, for me I believe this to be the beginning of learning about a peaceful way to be.

I spent six months last year, after my Mum died, making a yurt with Glen and Vineta, at Glen's yurt factory. I found this to be a wonderful way of helping with the pain of my mother dying and a good time to reflect on life and what I am doing with Beetlefelt business.

When I spend time in the yurt, I feel more in touch with what is important to me and greatly nourished by the simple things in life. I am finding that there seems to be endless beauty and inspiration from being nearer to the earth, air, sky, birds, fire, creatures and weather.

I have recently been inspired to teach yoga and other health promoting practices alongside my textile workshops. I am not sure how this will develop but you are all welcome to join me in my studio.

Bou x

Hatha YogaBeetlefelt workshop

Tuesday Evening

7-8:30pm £32 for a series of four sessions

I have spent a large part of my life practicing Yoga and I feel keen to pass on the knowledge and tips I have gathered over the years.

It is a lifelong process of learning as with any practice and I am currently studying Hatha Yoga in Kerala in India at the Amrutham  Ayurvedic Village Resort.

Upon my return, I hope to share with you all that I have learnt. I plan to run more classes during the year and I will run a regular morning session in the park during the sunny summer days.

Guarantee your place by booking online as there are limited places available. Book here

Felt vessels

Photo - A photo of me, standing on my head, at a sculpture park in Devon. The sculpture is a flame slowing changing into a women.

Wednesday Weaving with Bou Mowl

Daytime 10-1pm £58 for 4 sessions per month

Evening 7-9pm £58 for 4 sessions per month

I want to concentrate more and more on teaching weaving, as this is my passion. I have so much knowledge to share about quite complicated and very technical styles of weaving. I particularly want to weave more Welsh four shaft weaving techniques, making complicated and intricate patterns using special drafting techniques. The leno weaving technique is also a very beautiful method to learn, as you will then be able to make fantastic open weave scarves.

We are offering the following braiding workshops: Egyptian Tablet Weaving and Inkle Loom Weaving. The pick up patterning method is so incredibly satisfying to do as you see your designs develop. I recommend Tapestry Weaving for everyone to have a go at because these wonderful weaving crafts are so meditative as you find yourself zoned into a place of creativity.

Photos - Weaving Summer School 2017 and Box Loom weaving

Thursday Sewing

Daytime 10-1pm £58 for 4 sessions per month

Evening 7-9pm £58 for 4 sessions per month

Teach a person to sew and mend and they will never need to go shopping for clothes again. Bring your fabric and a pattern or idea and bring on the challenge of transforming fabric into garment.

Come along and enjoy developing your sewing skills, in this friendly, small and informal group. I have a maximum of four students. I would like to encourage and give you the confidence to make your own clothes.

Photos - Josie and the invisible zip trick... just adjust that a bit and June happily sewing

Needlefelting Workshops Lots of needle felting workshops planned for the new year including making you own cat, dog, bird, sheep or picture

Photos - Needle Felted Bird and Needle Felted Picture workshops



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