october 2013


Causing a stir in the park!

Tie Dyeing

We met in Sackville Park for a sunny afternoon and a few hours of fun. This workshop is part of an organised programme of free skills-based workshops for women. Thanks to the Lesbian and Gay Foundation for a great afternoon. www.lgf.org.uk  

Passers by wanted to join in and some could not resist taking photos of our spectacular tie dye patterns. The T-shirts looked wonderful hung up on a line from the trees in the park. When you tie dye a certain amount of the design element is left to chance which means it is always a delightful surprise when the design unfolds and reveals such amazing patterns.

We are now taking bookings for the Natural Tie Dye Tee-Shirt Workshop

Saturday 7th December 10-2pm, £34

Hat Decorating Workshop at Thornton Hall

Now this was an unusual event for me to run and it proved to be extremely interesting. A group of Russian Textile workers from Moscow came to the Wirral to celebrate their 10th anniversary. 

They enjoyed an evening of various team building activities including my hat decorating workshop. The hats were made and then promptly worn to the Gala evening and the results speak for themselves.  

There are places now available for you to make a felt flower hat decoration or brooch on Saturday 15th February 10am-2pm, £30. Felt Flower Brooch Workshop


Felt Flowers

Photos of Hat Decorating Workshop at Thornton Hall

“Was pleasure to work with you - all our guests enjoyed workshop of hat decorating, ladies were in their hats all night!” Olga

Dee Sayce has launched her new textile craft business

Kinder Yarn

Setting up my textile craft business Kinder Yarn was a natural progression from running spinning, dyeing workshops with Beetle Felt. I have set it up to provide workshops, one-to-one tuition, demonstrations, sales of fleece, fibres and equipment, for spinning, dyeing, weaving and other textile crafts. Product sales include a variety of fleeces, handspun hand-dyed yarn, natural dyes, mordants and a variety of unique handmade items.

I am based in New Mills, Derbys and I have workshops comming up in Buxton, Bolsover, Chesterfiled and the Eco Centre, Wirksworth. To view the products and workshops on offer, have a look at my website - www.kinderyarn.co.uk

Kinder Yarn

Photos of a willow hoop weaving, some handspun and hand-dyed yarn and the shorn White-Faced Woodland sheep that some of the yarn has been spun from.

Nuno and Cobweb Scarf Workshops with Carol Mowl

We shall be keeping cosy and warm this winter with our gorgeously textured felt scarves.

More creative days are organised for you to make scarves on Sunday 24th November 10am-1pm, £32 and in 2014. Cobweb Scarf Workshop

Nuno Scarf

Photos of scarves made on the September workshops

Crochet with Charly Lamb

Chatting with Charly, whilst Crocheting Granny squares and not ‘Grannies’, as it says in the timetable!
Carol Tasker brought along her Crocheted hats for the homeless and explained that she is also crocheting cardigans and blankets for Greenfields www.gfafrica.com  a charity which sends items to Africa. By chatting with Sophie we discovered that Lush will always recycle things, so take along your yogurt pots and see what they will do with them.

More crochet? Then you are in luck, as we have organised another series of three Crochet workshops starting on Friday 8th November, £45. Crochet Workshop


Photos of Megan, Carol, Sophie and Jen, lots of laughs and chatter whilst crocheting on the September workshops - well who'd have thought?

Felt Hat Making with Carol Mowl

It is incredible to see the transformation of sheep fleece into a 3-D form all in one day. Students had fun decorating and personalising their hats with different colours and textures. 

If you fancy making your own hat from start to finish then book onto our next hat making workshop which is on Sunday 30th March 10am-3pm, £36.

Felt Hats

Photos of Hats made on the September Hat Making workshop

“Thanks for the pictures... they are great. All three hats look great”  Eve

Egyptian Tablet Weaving with Carol Mowl

Students learnt the magical method of making order out of chaotic threads. The yarn was threaded through the cards and then woven into strong and useful braids. Examples of this technique have been found around the world in Egypt, Norway, Turkey and Jerusalem.  

We are weaving every Wednesday daytime and evening, so book onto the next series of four November Weaving workshops starting on 6th November, £56. Weaving Evening Workshops

Tablet Weaving

Photos and feedback from the September weaving workshop

"Thanks for a lovely morning of weaving. So pleased with the result" Jess

Needle Felted Sheep with Carol Mowl

Flock down to the studio and enjoy finding out how to make needle felted animals. It is great fun to create your own mini creature or a version of your own pet.

The following workshops are organised for you to enjoy; Penguins, Cats, Birds and Sheep. Needle Felted Penguin Workshop

Needle felted Sheep

Photos and feedback from September Sheep Making Workshop

Thanks Carol, they look great and I'm very proud of my sheep! Really enjoyed the first patchwork too. See you soon”  Lara 

Dates for your Diary 

‘Revolution of Mind’ at Arc - Arts For Recovery in the Community, World Mental Health Day 10th October, 2pm Arc Community Gallery, Vauxhall Industrial Estate, Greg St, Reddish, Stockport. Rsvp to jacqui_arc@yahoo.co.uk

Women in Comedy Arts Festival 1st - 27th October 100 events over 16 venues

Chorlton & Friends Gardeners Group next meetings will be at Chorlton Library on October 21st and then November 25th.

John Hoyle paid a visit to the studio and gave a talk about living walls to 21 interested gardeners from the Chorlton and Friends gardeners group. If you are interested then let Ann know. handamackay@yahoo.co.uk

As a consequence of the gardeners meeting, we discovered that the studio can hold 21 friends to watch a slide show and so we are planning to run more historical talks, discussions and lectures next year.

Knitting and Stitching Show - Harrogate
21st-24th November

Wonderwool - Wales
26th-27th April 2014

Regular Events

Rag Bags next meeting is Sunday 27th October 7-9pm. We are meeting up on the last Sunday of the month every month at the ‘Nip and Tipple’ pub to continue rag rugging projects and try out different techniques to recycle rags into beautiful things. If you would like to be kept informed about this get together, then email Rag Bags in the subject line to beetlefelt@gmail.com -  http://www.nipandtipple.com/events/

We have organised lots of lovely things for you, so maybe take time out of your busy life and step into a place with oodles of creativity.

Our gifted and enthusiastic tutors are here to welcome you to the world of crafting experiences at Beetle Felt Studio so take a look at the new Autumn timetable now.

Download the Autumn weekday and weekend workshop timetables here;

2013 Beetle Felt Timetable Autumn - Weekends (pdf file)

2014 Beetle Felt Timetable Winter/Spring (pdf file)

If you have any questions please get in touch

0777 240 9308 or 0161 881 6309


Come along to Beetle Felt Studio where there is ample parking or get the tram from Manchester city centre direct to Beetle Felt Studios door, the St Werburghs Road tram stop is £3 return.

We look forward to seeing you soon, from Carol and the Beetle Felt Tutors


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