november 2014


Retro Fun Day We have more fun planned for some good larks. Join us for our Retro Fun Day on Saturday 7th March, we shall submerge ourselves in all things happy, hippy 60’s. We will make macramé bracelets, gonks, frog bean bags and leather earrings? Choose to make one or two items and chat and chill with us whilst enjoying a cheesy dip!

Felt Making Workshop in Spain A dream comes true for me. I am running a week long Felt Making Workshop in Spain see So if you fancy a treat then let's go to Spain together and be inspired to create amazing works of felt art.

Needlefelting Animal Workshops We had a great day making cats and dogs and there was no animosity between the cat and dog owners, quite the opposite actually, much to my relief.  The model animals make great gifts but are hard to give away once you have made one and become attached to it. We are making birds on Sunday 7th December 10am-2pm, £34. Needlefelt Bird Workshop

Needle felted cats and dogs

Photos from the needle felted cat and dog model making workshop in November

Crochet with Lisa Henderson

I am very excited to have new tutor Lisa Henderson on board. She is passionate about crochet and has masses of info to share with all the projects she has planned. We will start you off on the basics and help you to move on to reading more complicated patterns.

Crochet Workshops every Friday 7-9pm, you can drop in, or pay for a series of four workshops at a discounted price of £25.


Photos from the November Crochet workshops

Primitive Pottery with Sonia Adams and Carol Mowl

This workshop is organised over two days. We shall spend the first pottery day making pots from terracotta clay. You will be shown how to make a coil pot and a pinch pot. You may choose to make other things with the clay too. These pots and items will then be left to dry.

On the second day carefully preparing and placing the pots in the fire. They need to be heated gently at first and then we shall build up the heat. We shall see how they are hardened by the fire. Sunday 15th March and Saturday 25th April £54 for the two days.

Primitive Pottery Workshop


"I am looking forward to collecting the hard crust from cow pats! This is needed to wrap around the pots to protect them from the fierce heat of the fire. I remember in my childhood wandering through fields of cows and seeing the most amazing jewels on cow pats. As I looked closer they flew away and I suddenly realised they were blue bottle flies with their glistening, peacock colours shining brightly in the sunshine. I was so delighted that not only were there jewels on cow pats but these jewels flew as well."


Willow Basketry with Juliette Hamilton

Look at these bountiful, beautiful willow baskets made in the studio, in October.

There will be more willow weaving with Juliette Hamilton in 2015 including a Dragonfly on Saturday 7th February and a Stags Head on Saturday 9th May. 
Willow Basketry Workshops

Willow basketry

Photos from the October Willow Basket Making Workshop

Weaving Workshops

We have organised lots of different weaving workshops for you in 2015. For example Inkle loom, Tapestry Weaving, Tablet Braiding and of course our ongoing Wednesday Weaving workshops.
Weaving Workshops


Photos from the October weaving workshops

Cobweb Scarf Workshop with Carol Mowl

Lots of felt making workshops organised for 2015. Get yourself booked in early and don't forget to get your friends vouchers so they can choose for themselves from the extensive range of workshops.

The next Cobweb scarf workshop is on Sunday 1st March 10am-1pm, £32.

Cobweb Workshop

Photos from the Cobweb Scarf workshop in October

Yurt Making Update

I am happy to announce that we have got the ball rolling on the yurt building project. The first meeting went well, we listened in turn to everyone's ideas and there was lots of enthusiasm and excitement at with the possibilities. However, it's a bit of a mystery how it will actually progress!

"Beautiful, Caring, Harmonious, Sing with our hearts. Heart intelligence driving this forward and our minds at our hearts service."
Kais Nightingale from Findhorn.

We plan to meet up about 6 times in 2015.

Saturday 29th November We will go out to forage for suitable long willow or hazel poles for the yurt walls. Meet at Beetlefelt Studio at 10am and bring a picnic. We may drive out somewhere.

February We are going to make mini model yurts so that we have a better understanding how they are made. We thought it would be good to work together to make every part of it at different times and places.

April We had a good idea to use blankets and decorate them by needle felting. Using our own stories, pre-felt shapes, other threads and fabrics.

Thank you to Sue for donating vast quantities of 100% cotton lawn fabric for a summer covering for the yurt. This will be brilliant to try the cover for size before we make a felt and a water proof canvas cover.

We decided to make a decent sized yurt about 12' diameter. You can see a yurt at the hat museum in Stockport and there are examples of making a yurt on YouTube where you can also download instructions about how to make one.

We imagined many uses for the yurt and all expressed happiness to be part of the making of it together.

Carol Mowl

Dates for your Diary 

Wonderwool Wales Festival of Welsh Wool 25th-26th April 2015

Knitting and Stitching Show 20th-23rd November

Regular Events

Rag Bags
Next meeting is Sunday 26th October 7-9pm, at the ‘Nip and Tipple’ pub. Rag rugging projects and try out different techniques to recycle rags into beautiful things. If you would like to be kept informed about this get together, then email Rag Bags in the subject line to;

Chorlton Knits
The first and third Thursday, 6-8pm. Friendly and informal group of knitters. Back at the Lloyds now. Facebook page: ChorlltonKnits.



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