art and pottery workshops

Card Making Workshops

with Wendy Teall

Make your own special, personalised and unique greetings cards for any occasion.

A gift of a handmade card says ‘I value you’ so much more than a shop-bought card, and is a wonderful way to share your talents and imagination as a creative crafter.

We will be using simple techniques such as cut and torn paper collage, off-loom weaving, stitching on paper, and using palm punches.

Stitching on paper makes for unusual and effective cards, and is also a relaxing, enjoyable technique to try out. With just a little know-how and some easy-to-follow designs, you too can create beautiful hand-stitched cards. Come and learn how in this short workshop, with all materials provided.

No previous stitch experience is needed.

Cost £19 including materials, equipment and refreshments.


Saturday 18th November, 3pm-5pm

*NEW* 'Stitch a Bird' Card Making Workshop

Taking our inspiration from birds, we'll be making collaged cards embellished with simple hand stitches. All templates and stitch guides provided.


Monday 4th December, 7-9pm

*NEW* Card Making Workshop

Use palm punches, templates and collaged papers to create playful and gorgeous cards inspired by Christmas themes.

Paper & Fabric Collage Hanging Workshop

DrawingPaper Collage Paper CollagePaper Collage

Use your textile 'bits and bobs' to create a stunning wall hanging using a variety of papers and fabrics, findings and trimmings, to collage and embellish with stitch and beads.

Why do we keep all those odd bits of things that clutter up our sewing baskets? I have bits of lace, elastic, scraps of fabric buttons, beads, bits of broken jewellery and lots more.Some things are old treasures, some of it is just rubbish.Lets collage and stitch our favorite bits to make a lovely hanging so that our treasured keepsakes will be on display for us to enjoy. Join me in this workshop. Bring your own materials, and/or choose from those provided, to collage fabrics and papers together and then decorate and embellish our backgrounds with stitching and beading.

Cost £34 including materials, equipment and refreshments.

Date of next workshop to be confirmed.

Primitive Pottery Workshop

with Carol Mowl and Sonia Adams in Eccles

Learn how to make primitive clay pots using terracotta clay, and fire them on an open fire.

Take this opportunity to feel connected to the simplicity of human creativity as people have done for thousands of years. Just using ours hands and very simple tools as well as a the pleasure of enjoying our natural surroundings, smells, sounds and beauty.

We shall demonstrate how to build the fire around the pots to give the best chance of success. The pots need to be heated gently at first and then we shall build up the heat. See the heat of the fire harden the clay.

Whilst the fire is gently warming up we shall spend the day making pots from clay. You will be shown how to make a coil pot and a pinch pot. You may choose to make other things with the clay too. These pots and items will then be left to dry to be fired on another day.

Cost £36 including materials, equipment and refreshments.

Date of next workshop to be confirmed.

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