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Hatha Yoga

with Bou Mowl

Find time to chill, find ways to be calm, breathe and just be.

Practicing yoga you will find that there are many benefits that you will bring to parts of your body and mind. Your practice will help your muscular, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems. You will find a warm welcome at this class, it is particularly for those that think they are not flexible, as I will encourage you to listen to your body and learn to be guided by it and to notice how much it wants you to do. I will give alternative poses depending on how you are feeling that day.

If you find that sitting cross legged is not so easy, this is the class for you. I have chairs for you to work with and I can adapt poses to suit your body type. Bring your yoga mat, a cushion and a blanket or just bring you.

Cost £32 including materials, equipment and refreshments.

Limited places available and so to guarantee yourself a place, book on today.

Date of next yoga course to be confirmed.

Sound and Vision

You will be introduced to different types of meditation using sound and visualisation techniques, including drums, singing bowls, gongs, the native american flute and the voice.

We will work on the Chakras using sound to help create a body that is free from emotional or energetic blocks. You will learn how to use meditative sound to reactivate your bodies energy system. We shall finish with a guided journey to connect with your inner self. This workshop will take place in the comfort of the yurt.

Cost £45 including materials, equipment and refreshments.

Date of next workshop to be confirmed.

Romany Wisdom

with Patrick Jasper Lee

You are invited to join Patrick Jasper Lee, Romani Gypsy Author of We Borrow The Earth: An Intimate Portrait Of the Gypsy Folk Tradition And Culture and other books, for this event.

Jasper will introduce a rare and valuable form of shamanic journeying known as “spirit travelling”. The “Butsi” (work session to release the self), prepares the individual for the powerful experience of meeting “Parava”: a state of transformation (greater consciousness or awareness) through folkloric elements in the Gypsy culture. Help yourself find direction and purpose in life, address matters relating to loss of soul, and heal your wounds. You will also experience the advantage of learning how to strengthen your connection to otherworld spirits and forces, along with the healing benefits associated with Romani Conscious dreaming techniques. An established voice on Romani Gypsy folklore, myth, and ancient aspects of his tribal culture, Jasper Is known as “Chovihano” (medicine man), and has travelled the world with his craft. Join us for this unusual and empowering day!

Patrick Jasper Lee’s website: www.patrickjasperlee.com

Cost £50 including materials, equipment and refreshments. Bring food to share.

Limited places available so make sure you book early to reserve your place.

Date of next workshop to be confirmed.

Spanish Course - Elementary Level

with Jo Hooper

Spanish Course - Elementary Level

This course is aimed at beginners who may have already learnt some of the basics on holiday or at school. We will also be revising the basics, so feel free to get in touch if you want to make sure the level is right for you. Within the official DELE scheme (Diplomas del Español como Lengua Extrajera), this course equates to Level A1 – A2, with the aim of leaving you at Level A2 by the end of the 10-week course. 

Cost: £122 for the 10 week course including all handouts, materials, tea / coffee and a warm welcome!

How to book: Please go to https://www.facebook.com/sp anishparati/ and send us a message. You can also email jmhooper36@gmail.com. A £22 non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve your place.

About Spanish in Chorlton: Spanish in Chorlton is a small but enthusiastic initiative to bring this vibrant language and culture to the local community, and to make Spanish language learning more accessible for residents of South Manchester. Currently, most language courses take place in the city centre, but Spanish in Chorlton aims to give people a chance to learn closer to their own doorstep, or sometimes even within their workplace or home. 

Jo Hooper Spanish in Chorlton
07449 636612
https://www.facebook.com/spani shparati


for ten weeks

4th Oct - 20th Dec, Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 8pm, (no class on 15th November).

Spanish Course with Jo Hooper. This course is aimed at beginners who may have already learnt some of the basics on holiday or at school.

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